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Having sex and giving child birth is the main purpose of getting ARRANGED MARRIAGE ?

When you are not in a relationship and single and getting older then Family start to give pressure to get arranged marriage. for women, parents-family say after 30 it will be more difficult to conceive baby . How could a woman and man will appear nude in front of each other where both are very little known to each other.especially women were so nervous because of her first time. it’s seem like after having sex on wedding night or honeymoon couple will try to love. Arranged Marriage is like Legal certificate for lifetime sex partner.that's why some wife get raped by husband

On her first night beacuse of considering only sex partner. But family society won’t consider it rape.

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    Most who live in places where arranged marriage is acceptable probably would point to procreation as the primary objective to such unions. But in many cases they're also to keep familial wealth within a smaller group. Yes, being a virgin on the wedding night isn't optimal, but it is the tradition in some parts. Also sadly marital rape isn't considered a crime in certain places. If your point is that it's better to live in the developed world, I guess you've made it.

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  • 11 months ago

    Well, if a wife is ogling naked, muscular, well-endowed men in pornography, that's where they get raped by their jealous husband.

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  • 11 months ago

    I guess you must be from India or Pakistan or some asian nation.... Where I live arranged marriages don't exist.. Now, doesn't she have to agree to marrying such man? if she accepted marrying him why would she hate having sex with him? maybe she shouldn't accept marrying such man if she is repulsed about having sex with him...

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