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I need some help. My girlfriend s sister has aspergers and has recently started to transition from MTF?

Her mum is making my girlfriend and I help her sis with getting new clothing+skincare stuff, but the sister is refusing all help, keeps getting angry, and is not motivated. I know that it is alright to not fully pass, but it is essential for her to put a bit of effort into her outward appearance so that she can be safer in public and in general other settings. My girlfriend and myself have been extremely patient and gentle with our help and suggestions, have made lists her sister, etc. but her sister keeps getting angry and my girlfriend and myself suspect that she is scared in some way. Is there anything else we should be doing to alleviate her sister s aggression and complete lack of intrest? My girlfriend s family is concerned about her safety.

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    Maybe you could simply respect her lack of interest. If she wants help she'll let you know.

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