How to deal with health issues and work conflict?

So I basically have had a very sudden debilitating onset of migraines, which I have not received time off for, but I have been hospitalized. I don't have meds for it but I have an appointment Wednesday but long story short. I also contracted strep throat and it was making my migraines so horrible. I went to urgent Care and was written off for two days, given antibiotics finally and tried to feel better. I went to work after my time off and had another severe migraine. So I ended up calling out today to get one more day of bed rest. But I plan on working the rest of the week. I have until Wednesday until I receive some form of migraine meds I've never been prescribed before! I'm just stressed about my job since it's McDonald's and high stress is causing it as well as heartless managers! What do I do? Do I worry idk help

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  • Pippin
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    Ideally you talk to your supervisor and try to arrange for some sort of medical leave. If she refuses -- there are other similar jobs out there once you get your health in order.

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