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Question about the production of the hormone adrenaline?

Is it true that some people, when placed in situations of extreme stress or danger, are prone to producing greater levels of adrenaline than other people? And consequently, they are better able to deal with situations like that because they feel less fear because of the adrenaline?

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago
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    Adrenaline is "addictive" and it takes more to produce the same response in a person who has become a user. Feeling fear is supposed to help prepare the body to fight or flight. In the case of a person who is hooked on it they will not have the same stamina as a person who is mellow. So the constant user will not be able to fight as hard or run as fast as the more mellow person. They also might hesitate longer and that poses an additional risk.

    I was an adrenaline addict- it kills pain (emotional) and I sought out situations that caused my body to generate it (like doing 160 mph on public roads). It is free (all of us make it) and at present not subject to drug testing. Very dangerous stuff!!!!

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