Are upward and downward phase transitions ultra rare?

What I’m speaking about is basically upward and downward phase transitions of vacuum decay, as in a false vacuum tunneling down to us or us tunneling down to a true vacuum. I heard that most simple models predict it as ultra rare but is that true? Also as a bit of a side question would the fact that the models are simple make the information bad, untrustworthy or not to be actually true?

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  • 3 months ago
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    Not sure, I get the gist here and you may be in some misunderstanding of phase.

    Something like a decay has a variable rate that is usually divided in stratification, like layers or different states.

    It has no up or down, so meaningless.

    When you say false vacuum tunneling down, I picture that like a tornado. A vacuum forms and as Coriolis sets up a spin, this can form a region of low vacuum in the center like a tunnel.

    Air in a bell jar can be pumped out effectively a vacuum in a progressive manner.

    Models, simple or complex can define physics and information usually based on laws, math, and prior observation, and as good or accurate as the components that make up the model.

    Best I can do with your question as written.

  • 3 months ago

    If it had happened, we wouldn't exist, so yes, they are unknown.

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