In Yu-Gi-Oh can I use Darklord Marie to make St Joan even though the material listed is Marie The Fallen One?

Two things, one, I'm trying to make a deck that could exist in the original Duel Monster's anime, reasons, so I know technically St Joan isn't really viable today. Two, I know that Marie The Fallen One and Darklord Marie are the same card, but does the name change make a difference since I can't find a St Joan that lists Darklord Marie as fusion material, all the ones I've found still list Marie The Fallen One.

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Yes. All cards must work the same as their OCG equivalents regardless of issues introduced by the localization of card names. Marie the Fallen One was officially errata'd to Darklord Marie, that means any other card that mentions Marie the Fallen One, will also be errata'd to count as saying Darklord Marie, even if a corrected version was never printed.

    It's the same as when 'Magic Cards' were renamed 'Spell Cards', the two terms were then considered to be the same thing for any old cards that still referred to 'Magic' cards.

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  • 11 months ago

    It would be better to use Marie the fallen one as it is listed as a fusion material as I'm not confident that they will allow you to compete with a different name in an official tournament however if its just a friendly with friends I'm sure you can work something together and you can also try tcgplayer to find Marie the fallen one for cheap

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