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Is it bad that I don’t play a sport in highschool?

I used to play volleyball in elementary to middle school but it got too stressful and I developed anxiety and got extremely shy for one year. So I quit and just started to run on the treadmill to keep in shape. But my body is still pretty bad compared to all the athletic kids in school and I feel kind of regretful. I go to the gym with my dad 3 times a week. Should I try learning tennis and try out sophomore year? That is in a year do you think I could learn it that fast.

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    Its not bad, dont worry. In fact, When I was in highschool there was this annoying pretty girl named Silvya Sanders that always played volleyball better than me. My ex boyfriend left me for her on my prom night and then Silvya was voted prom queen. Silvya, if you are reading this right now, YOU WIN! I am so done competing with you over everything. Have brad, have my kids, I DONT CARE. BUT dont you dare take my Junior High volley ball record championship spike of 1993!

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