How can I further my career in nursing home administration field ?

I’ve been working at a cooperate office that owns and runs nursing homes for 10 years. I bill insurances, send medical records, write appeals, balance the resident’s trust account, submit year end cost reports, discuss balances with residents and their families, and much more.I have been thinking about going to school and obtaining a degree of some sort to help me get promoted or find a job with more responsibilities and more pay, ideally one I can obtain online. I’m hoping to find a job where I can utilize the skills I’ve previously learned. I’ve reached out to a college that gives you a certification and meets the state requirements to take the licensed administrator exam but was hesitant because the advisor I spoke to at the college gave off a salesmen vide. Any advice is appreciated or recommendations as far as which online colleges are good or which degree I should obtain. Thank you very much.

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    Contact your local community college or public university - many have on line classes and/ or evening classes for students who work. It sounds like you would be looking at something in Health Care Administration or Public Health Administration. Call your state's licensing board and ask them what kind of education you should be looking at.

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