Does anybody know which cruise lines did Greek island cruises around 1990-91? Apart from P&O.?

I need to have a rough idea of the lines, and the itineraries. I have characters in a story that need to be on a cruise that takes in Santorini around then. And what were the ships like?

I assume they were not the floating hotel resorts they are now? Did they even have balcony cabins, I've looked at some of the old cruise liners on wikipedia, but generally they only show the 1960s era ships which do not seem to have them.

Can anybody help, please?

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  • 3 months ago
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    1990 was not the dark ages. Of course there were cruise ships. The ones that did the Mediterranean were not the huge ones that you see now, but they were still quite luxurious, and yes, there were balconies. You might want to watch some episodes of The Love Boat, a series about a cruise ship that started in the 1970s. They usually sailed off the west coast, but I seem to remember a special episode about cruising the Med. As for the itinerary, you can pretty much assume the standard Greek islands. I remember very much wanting to go on one of the Greek cruises in the 1980s.

  • Ludwig
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    3 months ago

    There were a lot of little cruise lines that had a few old ships, registered in Liberia and international crewed, Greek owned.. Maybe Chandris did some in the Summer. My grandmother went on a Romanian cruise line. Some of these came and went kind of quickly.

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    It's a story no one reading it will want the exact facts, too much hard work thinking about it. We read to relax

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      So you are a published Author ???

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