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Should diplomacy be required by law instead of military actions? to save us all the military greenhouse gas emissions?

or is it more like "2 birds, one stone"?

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago


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  • Ann
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    6 months ago

    Honey, most powerful nations do diplomacy as a matter of course. No one wants a war. No one. Sometimes it's necessary, but most nations try to avoid it as long as possible. As for the nonsense "greenhouse gas emissions," how about if Geta Thunberg, for example, doesn't travel across the ocean in a luxury yacht to tell us what we should do about "greenhouse gas emissions?" How about if Al Gore didn't own such huge mansions, fly on personal jets, and use huge SUVs? How about if all the Democrat candidates who want to tell us what to do with our "greenhouse gas emissions" didn't fly in personal jets from one venue to another? When those telling me what to do to save the environment actually practice what they preach, maybe I'll start paying attention.

    I also find it amazing that you care more about "greenhouse gas emissions" than the lives of those who would have to fight in a war. How big of you.

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