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Friends have a pedigree Maine Coon the same age as my female - we're going to breed a little, what are the things to look out for?

Friends of ours who live in the same New England town have a Maine Coon boy exactly the same age as our pedigree Maine Coon girl. We want to breed a litter to make some cash. What do we do - just put the two of them in a room and let them figure it out? Although we're both owners of pedigree Maine Coons we know very little about cat breeding or cats in general. Any help will be very gratefully received!

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    Do you have breeding rights to the cats? Do the genetics of the two cats complement each other? Have both of them been screened for heart issues like HCM and for joint issues? Have your cats been shown to championship status to prove that they are worthy of being bred? Are you prepared to take your cat in for an emergency C-section delivery if she has trouble delivering - at a cost of $1500-4000? Prepared to feed a litter every 2-3 hours round the clock if she takes one look at the kittens and decided motherhood is not for her? Has the vet pronounced both of them healthy? You are really a back yard breeder - and we don't help those here. If you have to ask questions like this - then you should not be breeding.

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    Neither of you have real Main Coons, you both have common long haired mutt cats

    REAL Maine coon breeder spay and neuter the cats they sell so people like you can't breed them. the ill bred mutt cats you and your idiot friend own won't produce pure bred, they will produce common ill bred worthless kittens

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      So you have fake papers and own ill bred mutt cats and want to breed them to make more ill bred worthless ill bred cats. Good breeders always spay and neuter or have contracts that you have to spay and neuter. So you have ill bred mutts

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  • 11 months ago

    make some cash, and you have no idea what the h*ll you're doing---you morons are part of the problem of the pet population----give your cats to someone who will love and care for them, ffucking morons--

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