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Do I have to pay transfer fee? Help please?

I chose to attend this cuny community college this fall. Now, I changed my mind and I want to attend another cuny community college. However, I already registered for classes and classes start this week coming up. I figured it’s too late, so I intend to transfer to the other college next semester for spring 2020.

I guess I have to apply to the other college as a transfer student for the spring semester? Am I required to pay the $70 transfer fee if I’m already a cuny student?

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  • 6 months ago

    It's a community college.

    If it's like most community colleges in the US, you can register up to 2 weeks after classes have started.

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  • Kyle
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    6 months ago

    community colleges may offer classes other than the traditional 16 week schedule if you're in semesters. at my community college, they have 16 week, 12 week, and two 8 week length courses in a semester. talk to a counselor. you never know until you get the information and then decide without making assumptions.

    some colleges you can also withdraw within the first couple days or even week to get most, if not 75 or 50% of the money back. there is a deadline to withdraw, and usually receive a W on your transcript, but it won't affect your GPA. but again, ask a counselor and go over your options. make an appointment first thing Monday morning.

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