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What Championship Belts would you like to see have a name change?

This only applies to current championships and not defunct ones.

I'm a fan of Dragon Gate but the names of the belts are not good, 'Open the Dream Gate Championship', 'Open the Triangle Gate Championship' etc. Any suggestions of what names would be appropriate to replace them?

It goes without saying but the 'WWE Universal Championship' (awful name and terrible look) all alternatives are welcome.

The 'WWE 24/7 Championship' also known as 48/7 24/7 7/11 European TV Championship by R-Truth which in fairness is a better name but comparison.

The 'CZW Wired Championship' maybe an unpopular opinion but don't like the name or the look.

AJPW's 'Gaora TV Championship', name and look is just plain bad, I don't like when it when trophies or competitions are named after sponsorships or company's and I don't like it when it's the name of a championship belt.

Lucha Underground's 'Gift of the God Championship' this is a bit of a tricky one because Lucha Underground is not your typical wrestling promotion, it's set in it's own world and doesn't follow convention rules with regards to professional wrestling. So when it comes to continuity within it's own product it makes sense but looking it at as a general fan I believe most people will think the name is pretty rubbish. Name suggestions can be in line with LU's own continuity or not, your choice.

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  • Candle
    Lv 7
    9 months ago
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    The only ones I take issue with on your list are the CZW Wired Championship because I don't think Wired TV is even a thing anymore. Gaora is also kind of a bit too sponsor pandering and does sound just bad. Dragon Gate and LU's belt work within canon. Besides, there's more than one "Open the..." championship. I'm fine with the Universal title being called such because it's literally referencing only their fan base and disavows any notion of it being a world championship that's defended often outside of the U.S.

    The concept of the NEVER belts in New Japan is kind of lost on me. Not only does it have an 'engrish' ring to it, but they almost immediately renegotiated their purpose and meaning. They were meant for young and up and coming talents, yet the people who usually hold them are New Japan "dads" who are in the last stages of their career. I mean, the first champion to hold the NEVER Openweight belt was Masato Tanaka, who was well into his late 30's when he won the belt, so they even got off on the wrong foot with it.

    • I've also thought about the NEVER belts in NJPW but it doesn't quite annoy me as apposed to the others.

      With regards to LU and Dragon Gate I suppose they work within canon, I'm just scratching my head with Dragon Gate.

      I don't think I will ever get along with the 'WWE Universal Championship'.

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  • 9 months ago

    I think the WWE title should be the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the Universal title should be called the International Championship

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  • Mzm
    Lv 6
    9 months ago

    Universal Championship ---> World Heavyweight Championship

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    none of them need to be changed

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  • 9 months ago

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head with these. Beside that, The BJW World Strong Heavyweight Championship is a bit too long of a name IMO. Could have shortened it a bit.

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