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How can I convince a guy that I only want sex?

Awhile ago this guy and I agreed to be friends with benefits. We met up once and had sex and had a nice time together. He met my parents where he works awhile ago and sometimes they talk to him where he works.

They talk to me about him a lot and I told him the things that they say about him and that I thought they wanted me to date him. So now he thinks that I want more but I honestly don't. He said that he thinks us hooking up should just be a one-time thing. But that he loves my body and that he thinks my body is amazing. That he still wants me to send him sexy pictures. When I told him that it was just a misunderstanding and that all I want is sex he replied telling me not to stop sending him the pictures.

Update: @Foofa: You don't know me to say it isn't true. If I wanted more than sex I would say so. He's not leading me on because I don't want to be in a relationship with him. I talk to other men as well don't assume things about people because it makes you look like an asshole.

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    It sounds to me like you enjoy the attention more than anything, including sex. That's fine I guess, though it seems like this guy is starting to realize that too and he's weary, which is why he's reminding you that he really only likes your body and no so much you. If you are fine with this, which from this post it seems like you are, then carry on. You don't need to "convince" him anything - he is *hopefully* an adult who can draw his own conclusions and have his own thoughts. If you've told him you only want to sleep with him too, then let that be enough. Maybe stop having your parents try to hook you two up though then.

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    Well, to be honest I think you blurred the lines a bit and he got the wrong idea. You have said you just want sex which is all well and good - but then you've done girlfriendy things around him (not just FWB things) like meeting your parents and then telling him they wanted you and he to go dating etc. (hint hint??) Now why ever did you do that? Sounds like you may be kidding yourself and some subconscious is creeping into your relationship with him. You say that to you he is just a body you can have sex with but it seems you want friendship with him too. I don't think you can have both.

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      You obviously can’t read because I never said I introduced them. They met him a long time ago where he works. That had nothing to do with me.

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