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What is the best clease/fast?

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    None. For one thing a "Cleanse" is a Fad SCAM. The human body already has systems to remove "Toxins", and if it is really serious, as in Sick, you need Hospital Care.

    Fasting is for Religious Purposes, it has little or Nothing to do with health; other than breaking habits.

    Diet Plan #1

    Portion size is the key.

    Eat 25% less at meal time.

    Weigh in Once a Week. Too often will confuse you daily/hourly variations.

    Adjust the portion size accordingly.

    Drink Water.

    Eat no “Diet”, “fat free” unless it is naturally so.

    Diet plan #2

    Better to just eat meals four times a day, with SMALLER portions.

    Also, it is the Portion Size not what you eat.

    Example, cut a pizza* (supreme) into eighths, eat one eighth at each meal for two days, Drink Iced Water or unflavored Soda Water.

    Don't waste any money on Vitamins, or Supplements. They are not needed unless the Lab tests tell a doctor otherwise.

    *pizza contains the food pyramid. Dairy, Bread, Meat. Vegetables.

    Diet Plan #3

    Eat two banquet meals per day (1$US±).and anything you want for the third meal.

    PORTION Size is the key, not what you eat.

    Drink Iced Water/Soda Water.

    NO "Diet", "Fat Free", "Low fat" items (unless they are naturally so). If you do not eat fat regularly the body will attempt to store what little it does get.

    All the exercise you need is to WALK three to ten miles a day. Get a Pedometer to check on that. You may already be doing all you need.

    DO not suffer or strain yourself, it is self-defeating.

    I was on the cheap for meals, I did not intend to lose weight, I lost 30# in 90 days without hardly noticing.

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  • 9 months ago

    Consult a doctor or nutrition expert before you mess up your health.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago


    Take 1/4 cup of Ducolax in 2 quarts of water. You will be so clean inside you won't believe.

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