how can i portray a different person if i think i might of burned bridges with people through being bitter/unfriendly?

i'm male aged 41, and for a long time, which i regret now, ive given off unpleasant, unfriendly, serious, hostile vibes towards people in society...because my life has been so hard, ive coped with difficult mental health problems all my life, suffered many problems and traumas, and never found any friendships or relationships with, i've gone it alone through life, all my life, with my only support being my elderly i think ive had a lot to feel bitter about.

i was originally a very loving, caring, compassionate person, very kind hearted....but for a long time now, ive portrayed to people the very opposite of who iam, an unfriendly, unlikable, bitter, stern and angry person...and an immoral character.

and now, i feel deeply sad and regretful about it, as that is not who i a really am....and i worry i may have burned bridges with people, created the wrong impression, and that i could end up alone completely once my parents are no longer around.....i have lived in a council flat for 14 years now on my own, living as a lonely hermit.

my mum and dad brought me up in a loving way and taught me to be respectful, polite to people, i was well brought up...but i'm afraid in my adult life, ive acted the opposite to how i really am and how i was raised..

i really don't want to end up alone and for people not to like me and think i'm not a nice person, shun me and alienate me.....people in society are unfriendly and standoffish with me as it is now.

1 Answer

  • 12 months ago

    you could try apologizing to them if you think it can help

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