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Cholecystitis "leaking toxin" untreated for over a year?

Over a year ago, someone I know claimed to have dx'd with Cholecystitis. They were scheduled for surgery a little over a month later, but said surgery was postponed due to elevated LFTs(I don't know if GGT and/or INR was included and I don't know which were elevated, to what degree or by what ratios). Here we are a year later and two weeks ago, this person said (and I'm quoting) their gallbladder was "discharging toxin causing pain and discomfort," which to me says, rupture, yet still no surgery, no sepsis, no SIRS, just life as usual. My question is, how is this possible? Am I being BS'ed?

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    This sounds like a medically-incorrect description of things- If the gallbladder is completely blocked, it causes elevated LFTs and GGT is directly due to increased levels of conjugated Billirubin in the liver. Therefore, the increased LFTs and GGT are diagnostic of gallbladder issues. In extreme cases, this will also cause jaundice. (yellow skin / eyes). Therefore, the increased LFTs and GTT would indicate that now is the best time for surgery.

    Increased INR would be a major surgical concern as INR is a measure of how quickly blood clots- with Increased INR indicating a tendency towards free bleeding.

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    They probably are t describing it totally accurately or in true scientific terms. But, it’s not your place to push it so just roll with it. They would get peritonitis if it was seriously leaving into the abdominal cavity.

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      Who said anything about pushing anything?  It sounded like BS to me, so I wanted to know if it was.  Try answer the question asked next time. 

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