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Was this rude or wrong?

My friend who is a guy, recently fell ill and lost a lot of weight. He was already quite slim, now he looks really thin and frail. I made a comment not thinking and said "you look so girlish with your new dainty figure". He hasn't talked to me since that day which was last week. It's just that time looking at him, he did look like a girl. I now realize I shouldn't have said it. How do I apologize?

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    You see him on his own in private and say sorry for making a personal comment to him in public and that it was wrong of you.

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    Try to speak to him, over the phone or face to face, if possible. And just say you're sorry, you didn't mean to hurt him.

    There's not a lot more you can do than that if he doesn't come to accept your apology and move on.

    After you've made your apology, move on yourself and chalk it up to experience. It may be that in time, he gets back in touch, maybe he never does.

    Learn from this, as we all learn from these sort of things and DON'T be too hard on yourself. Everyone at some point in time has said something which has upset someone else.

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  • 6 months ago

    It was rude and unthinking. And you know it which is why you're asking the question. You did a Joe Biden and opened your mouth before thinking it through.

    Take it as a lesson learned, don't repeat that mistake with anyone else.

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