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Why does amazon keep closing my account?

Everytime I make a new account on amazon and I order something, it tells me it cant be shipped and to provide information of my credit card. Whenever my account was reinstated, it let me in so i placed an order. I then found out my account was put on HOLD when it said I could start making purchases?? I wasnt aware of my account being put on hold because they never told me so i contacted customer service on a different account because this has never happened to me. Later, i found out that the account i ordered from has been closed because "We took these actions because our records show that this account is related to another account that was closed by Amazon." The staff in the customer service didnt help. They asked me if I had anymore questions and just ended the chat. How do I stop getting my account closed?? I just want to order without my account getting closed. Then out of no where, my new account was opened apparently and amazon closed it so I dont know why it opened. It said the order cannot be shipped but the account was closed? Whenever I fill out the cannot be ordered thing, it just reinstates my account or closes it which I'm sure they'll do.

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  • Tavy
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    9 months ago
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    There is something wrong with your billing info that is obvious even I can see that. So instead of sorting it out with your bank you keep making new accounts.

    Sort your card out with your provider. Find out the problem.

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  • 9 months ago

    You don't. It's not one account. They closed the ability of you, the person, to order, using any account.

    They keep closing the account because it is your account and you are no longer allowed to have an account open.

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