Advice for Bed Bugs in 1YEAR OLD Apartment I moved in 13 days ago-- over 50 bites on body( not exaggeration) We want out of the lease. Help?

I am a college student and just moved into my new apartment. A week prior to classes, my roommate moved in all of her furniture, then left. When we got there a few days later, we moved my stuff in. Both of our furniture was newly purchased. Once my roommate came back to start living there, her and her parents were explained that the house was NEVER clean, they had to clean it themselves, there was food in the fridge, microwave dirty, cat fur all over, cat litter all over back porch and overbearing smell of urine, which i smelt when i moved in.DISGUSTING. Roommate's mom put in cleaning request, said they were going to clean it, hasn't been done.Come 3 days ago , i start getting welt marks on my body. Thought it may be flea bites or a rash. At that point I went to bed with only welts on half of my neck and only one on my face. I woke up with IT SPREAD ALONG MY WHOLE NECK, body, 2 more marks on my face then I turn over, and see a bug on my bed, smash it, blood came out of it. Didnt know what it was, called my mom...BED BUGS. Lease says to immediately notify maintenance, we did, and the owner got mad that we contacted multiple times and said it wasn't an emergency. Now we are stuck in a hotel til monday because they refuse to do anything. The lease says contact them within 48 hours of move in for inspection of bed bugs, but how would we know they were there if it was vacant for 3 weeks. Don't they hide in hidden places? What are our rights & What do we do with our stuff.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    There's some information from Nolo (they are usually pretty good)

    Also, check the landlord and tenant laws where you live for specific local laws.

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  • 10 months ago

    Based on what you told us, we don't know if the bugs are bed bugs or fleas.

    Also, you don't know if the new furniture came with the bug or they were previously in the unit. Yes, new furniture can have bed bugs or fleas....

    Sorry but you don't get out of your lease unless you have given the landlord an opportunity to rectify the problem.

    If the place wasn't clean, your roommate/you shouldn't have move in... lesson learned.

    do you have renters insurance?

  • Erik
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    Keep bugging them until they do something. In the meantime, try to find every bedbug you can and kill it. Vacuum everywhere they could be. Getting rid of bedbugs is a huge procedure, you have to remove EVERYTHING that is not furniture from your bedroom and living room, they spray, and then spray again in two weeks. And they still probably won't get them all. But hopefully it will be under control by then.

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  • 10 months ago

    Call city health. If you can prove the landlord knew about the bugs you've got a case.


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