Is magnet fishing safe for the human body?

These are very strong magnets being used. We have metals in our body. Is there any danger to the human body using these Magnet fishing magnets?

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  • 5 months ago

    There is no evidence to indicate that intermittent exposure to magnetic fields at the strength of those you are discussing (which are only truly strong in very close proximity to the magnet itself) will have any negative impact on the exposed human. I don't think I would recommend sleeping with a powerful magnet under your pillow every night though.

    The issue is not one of metals in the body. It is how the magnetic field will affect the electrical signals and ion movement, and perhaps distribution of electrons in polar compounds inside the body. Most of the metals in the body are not in a state that makes them susceptible to magnetism. given that the brain is a primary location of electrical signal transfer, it is probably unwise to impose a powerful external magnetic field on that region, because it is not really know what that would do. So don't do it.

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  • oyubir
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    5 months ago

    No effect has ever been shown, nor even suspected.

    Static magnetic field is even an unusual case: there never was any notable conspiracy theory or hysteria about a negative effect. Almost everything else (electricity, EM, IR, etc.) has opponents certain that they are nocive (sometimes because they really are, at much higher dosage that their normal usage).

    Not for static magnetic field. The only dummy theories you'll find about static magnetic fields are positive (they are said to cure pain, even diseases, to help to communicate with spirits, to find water, etc.)

    MRI use static magnets much much stronger than every thing you could buy, and nobody has never shown or even suspected any negative effects.

    Now, the very strong magnets could be dangerous, but for some more pragmatical reasons: If you handle a pair of them without care, they could easily crush your finger while clapping. Plus, if you break them, I am not sure it is very healthy to breath the dust of heavy metal.

    • Robert5 months agoReport

      Very informative ! thanks

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