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Am i doing the right thing?

Im in welding school and im panicking right now i knew that it wasnt gonna be easy but i never knew it would be this hard this overwhelming i dont wanna quit but i do wanna quit and just get a regular job working in a store. (the places i have picked out pay pretty well) So i do have a backup plan but i feel really bad about myself i kind of just realized early on that welding isn't really for me and im thinking of going to the school on monday and letting them know what's going on and set up a payment plan to pay them back which thankfully isn't much but i just want something stable for work and i have a list of places i wanna apply to. Am i doing the right thing?


I decided to stay in school DEBS this question was already answered and i hit the button too many times because it wasn't posting thanks for terrible condescending dig that you have the everlasting nerve to call a damn answer.

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  • DEBS
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    Being a quitter is rarely the best thing. You're new at this so it should be hard. There wouldn't need to be a school if it wasn't something that had to be learned. It's unclear if you don't like welding for what it is or you don't like it because it's difficult for you. It sounds like the latter. Having already put the time, and money, into this it would seem extremely unwise to quit and go to a job 'in a store' with little to no potential for financial or other growth.

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