I want to have a carbon laser peel AKA charcoal peel AKA hollywood peel AKA china doll peel. Is it okay if I used peeling agent 5 days ago?

I am 28 and I feel like I am suffering from hormonal or adult acne. If I failed to sleep on or before 9pm I will have a breakout the next day. It's not the puss type acne but cystic one. It does not leave crater but red bumpy spots even the acne is no longer active. And that's the problem I want to address. I plan to go to the derma and do the fractional laser tho I've read that it's more of resurfacing for crater type of scar. So I've read further and found the carbon peel which is good too for pigmentation. But I can't find any instructions or preparation before the procedure. And I've used peeling agents 5 days ago, I wonder if it may burn or affect my face. Can someone give me before and after do's and dont's for this?

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  • 11 months ago

    Stop deciding what treatment you should have before seeing the doctor.

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