How do I get free k-12 education if my parents lied to the school board about my homeschool grades?

I was homeschooled my entire life, my brothers and sisters did public school. My mom told me the law does not require parents to mail in all the finished homeschool work, just call the school board by the end of the year and tell them your child "successfully passed a grade". I'm suspecting my mom lied to the schoolboard but I don't want to say she lied to them. I know personally I needed help counting in +-×÷ at double digits simple math. Now at 25 years old, I'm still slow as an 8-10 year old kid on simple math, although I have a bank account and can manage my own money slowly. My diagnoses is Aspergers Syndrome but I suspect I have mental retardation. Is there free education to people who had been "cheated" on there homeschooling?

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  • 6 months ago
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    According to another question, you got into High School in 2007 and talk about how the high school you attended had special ed classes, so how is it that you were home-schooled your entire life?

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