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If we were to ever discover a quantum theory of gravity?

Would that imply that gravity could interfere with itself if we sent it through a double slit?


Or maybe more appropriately said, could we get gravity to interfere with itself similar to how the double-slit experiment works for other particles?

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    If the quantum gravity is mediated by the hypothetical massless spin 2 graviton, it would in theory behave as other particles. If there are two paths available for a given particle, there will be a superposition of the wave function of each path.

    In practice, ain’t gonna happen. The energy of a single graviton is so small, it’s wavelength will be enormous. Not only would you not be able to create the double slit experiment, you wouldn’t be able to generate a single graviton, and you wouldn’t be able to detect it.

    There is also a reasonable chance that a quantum gravity theory won’t conform to a particle view. Spacetime as we know and love it may be quantized with no exchange particle.

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    What do you mean by sending gravity thru a double slit? All particles interfere with themselves. A graviton will interfere with itself too.

  • Bill
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    To test that, you'd have to find a material that blocks gravity so you could make a double slit.

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    12 months ago

    Maybe this is what you are looking for:

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