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EXZTNZ asked in Cars & TransportationCar Audio · 9 months ago

If I want to improve the bass quality in my car audio system, should I get a subwoofer?

An amplifier is for making the sound louder, right? The sound loudness is already good in my car, I just need better bass because when I put trap songs the bass sounds like plastic. So a subwoofer is what I need, right? Some people say get two subwoofers instead of just one. Please advise.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago
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    Son, an amplifier is what feeds the subwoofer. It provides the subwoofer power to operate. A subwoofer produces low-end frequency around 20hz to 500hz. A human's hearing frequency is 20hz to 20khz. (20,000hz).

    Most people use the LPF (Low Pass Filter) on the amplifier to cut the subwoofer down to 120hz. If you have hearing loss or if the subwoofer is in a poor crappy enclosure then it will NOT sound good. If you want it to be LOUD, then you need to get a ported enclosure.

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  • 9 months ago

    Simply, yes. Get one good subwoofer with an amplifier. That will bolster the bass performance.

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