Were they getting ready to fire me?

Around 6 months back when I worked for this company an incident involving bags of ingredients being placed on another pallet of ingredients with other allergens had taken place. This employee pinned it on me because I was the "ingredients boy" at the time. He knew it wasn't me and that he did this out of a personal vendetta against me where he then made the complaint to both the management of the company I work for and to the other company we supply these goods to. This other company was then requesting to my production manager that I be sacked for this incident, when other employees had done much worse by allowing plastic to enter the grinder, contaminating the meat products, costing the company close to $300,000 while they still kept their jobs. Anyway, I had a meeting with the supervisor and manager in the office where they were asking me questions like did I do it and that this anonymous report to the company we supply to had caused them make an few inquiries and the request to have me sacked,

How serious is it to place bags of ingredients on another pallet containing other ingredients with different allergens

I'm no longer employed by this company as I had quit a few months back under my own volition. I now work in I.T

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Skippy, you already admitted you were guilty. How short is your memory?

    “How dangerous is a nitrile gloves when a piece of it gets into the mix of minced meat? I was scheduled to work as a general laborer for today and had unknowingly been handling meat with a\wat looks to be a small cut on my glove and don't really know if its a cut or if a small piece got into the mix. All I know is that it looked like a small cut with no piece hanging from the glove and that most of the glove was still covering my hand. What is the likely outcome if it turns out to be a piece in the mix. What is the likely chance that a small piece did go into the mix.? Update: I've been waiting for over 6 hours for 1 answer, and this is what I get?”

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  • 6 months ago

    It's very serious. Someone could die. Or more than one person. It's much worse than costing the company a mere $300,000.

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