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Do Genes determine success in life?

Realistically do a person’s Genes determine their success in life or is success determined by non genetic factors? By success I mean friends, money, Status etc.

I appreciate a serious objective answer to this. Thank you.

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    Partly, yes. Certainly not entirely.

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    In part. Genes do matter. They determine some traits that may make it more likely to succeed in life, but the environment also plays a huge role. For example, even if you are smart and hard working, which may allow you to succeed in life, you may not succeed if you were Jewish and were born during the Third Reich in Nazi Germany. A woman who is smart may not succeed if she is born in Saudi Arabia and she is not even allowed to work or pursue a doctoral degree. If you were an intellectual under Chairman Mao, you could have been sent to the countryside for re-education and menial labor. Further the trait you have may make you a great computer programmer, but it would not be any good if computers had not been invented yet. A doctor may make a lot of money in the USA, but a doctor in Cuba makes little money. The environment determines which traits are successful and which are not. If the environment changes, then what were once good traits may be bad ones in the future.

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    I would not say that genetics are deterministic. They have an influence, because they do tend to create a window of opportunity. Circumstances, life events, and yes, luck, also have an influence. But nothing determines your life path any more than your own choices. Your options will be limited by such other influences, but there will still be a wide array of options, so you have the most influence on outcome. In my personal opinion.

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    Genes help to determine success in life. If you are intelligent in a general way, good looking and taller you have more chances to succed. However, a lot of other factors can have influence. A person with an amazing genetic can have bad results in life if he or she grow up in extreme poverty, contracted a terrible desease or had awful parents. There are a lot of factors, it is a complex subject.

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    Yes, inasmuch as your genes make you a human being and not a chimpanzee.

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    In an indirect way, it's been shown that attractive people tend to be more successful in life, because people want to help them more.

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    Of course not. I know geniuses that are failing in life, and simpletons that make a fortune. (Donald Trump for example.) Life is about nature, AND nurture, and neither guarantee what you may consider "success."

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