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Will people notice if I keep deleting Instagram?

Basically, I have gotten an Instagram account 4 times now (over the course of 1 year). However, of

these these 4 accounts, I have not been able to keep one for longer than a week before I delete it. I get anxious about not having as many followers as my friends, since I am so new to the app (and they have had their accounts for years). I know this might sound like a silly matter to get so nervous over...LOL.

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    LOL. This is probably the most absurd question I've read today. Seriously, who the hell cares how many followers you have?? Are you getting paid based on the number of followers you have or what? Are your friends going to consider you "less" of a friend since you don't have that many followers? Jeez. What a stupid thing to be "nervous" about.

    But anyways, your friends may or may not notice. If you're sending them follow requests each time you make an account, they probably will notice. If not, then probably not. However, your newly created account might show up on their "recommended" list. So if they pay attention to that, they might figure out that you have new accounts.

    This is exactly one of the reasons I despised high school so much. This was around 2013 when IG wasn't as popular as it is now, at least in my area. I would always hear "OMG, I posted this cute picture but my crush didn't "like" it. That must means he doesn't like me." Or, "I didn't get that many likes on this picture. I'm depressed now". Like seriously, who the **** cares?

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