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I seen this video on YouTube of this guy reviewing a tazer flashlight and testing it on friend with consent....?

The guy reviews the tazer flashlight and tazes his buddy and his friend tenses up while being tazed. Since I can't find that vid no more i was hoping if anyone knows where I can find one thats so powerfull like the one I described. And please no dumb lazy answers. Be foreal. And yes I do live in a state where tazer flashlights are legal so don't worry

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Mother f*cker, your English is horribly spelled, and you're asking for someone to go find something for you that you could easily do with a single google search and you're telling OTHER people not to be lazy or dumb?

    You are either a troll, or the dumbest person on y/a right now and considering this is the POLITICS section - that's saying a lot.

  • 12 months ago

    *I saw. Grammar is important. I didn't read the rest because of bad grammar.

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