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how come people say that heavy metal is popular in Scandinavia, when its only a fringe of them that actually enjoy it?

the reality is that heavy metal is a fringe genre of music anywhere in the world, you will find a heavy metal subculture in many parts of the world and it fringe because its a music style that isn't and doesn't try to generate a pop or mainstream audience


your average younger generation scandinavian person listens to the same mainstream stuff that many younger Americans listen to

Update 2:

how do I know this. at my university, a lot of Swedish and danish exchange students that I met have no interest or even know much about metal or the metal music in their own countries

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    I've discovered that Scandinavian heavy metal is exponentially bigger in Germany than anywhere in Scandinavia, so it gives a skewed impression. I think some of those bands troll their German fans too. A German friend of mine once asked me to translate some songs from one of her favourite bands. I swear the bellicose roaring consisted of variants of "forest, forest, forest, treeeeeeees!" While another was something like "rocks, rocks, fog, elves!" I think I ruined it for her. Incidentally, it's easier to get ahold of real traditional folk music, recoded in Scandinavia, by Scandinavians who were brought up in the tradition abroad. Many of those musicians are only known in other genres such as jazz and, shudder, schlager in Scandinavia.

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    Heavy metal is loud enough that it only takes a fringe, at that volume, to qualify as "popular".

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