Psych eval for a job I applied for Question.?

Hey all. So I recently graduated with my bachelors and I applied for a job with a sheriffs office, as a administrative officer, (booking inmates and doing the administrative work in the jails). I have successfully completed everything, from the exams, to the background checks, to the medical evaluation, but I have my last step which is the psychological exam in two days.

What I am worried about, is that I disclosed to the doctor ( during the medical eval), that while I was in college, I was put on a small dosage of Zoloft, because I was going through a rough time, (college, working full time, and a little stress) and I was seeing a counselor as well just to help me and teach me how to cope with the stress I was facing.

I have a clean record, I have never used any kind of drugs, and I have never been to no parties or never drank before. If I am truthful to the physiologist and tell her the honest truth, like how I did during the background investigation and throughout the whole hiring process, will I be okay? Im scared that my past with the counseling and small dosage of Zoloft ( which I am much better now and i have been off of for almost a year) will ruin my chance of getting a job.

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  • Molly
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    6 months ago

    You will be just fine. They're not worried about you going through a dark time years ago, and it would be illegal to discriminate against you for this reason. All they're looking for are signs of rare and anti-social (socially dangerous) mental disorders.

    • Said6 months agoReport

      Thank you! I know we all go through rough times in our life and I was worried that they would use it against me. Thank again!

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