I have court order for divorce mediation before the final hearing?

What to do if I feel that the mediator is putting pressure on me to sign the mediation agreement?

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  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    You have the spine to refuse to sign it if it doesn't meet your criteria. However, you won't get everything you want and you will have to compromise.

  • 4 months ago

    The fact there was a court order served to you indicates you weren't cooperating with your own attorney who told you the process is to go through mediation to come to an agreement so the judge will be able to issue the final decree of divorce and satisfy both parties who will have reached an agreement rather than issue a final decree of divorce that favors one party over the other. The mediator is putting pressure on you to sign the agreement so the process of divorce can move forward. Were you to not like the agreement, you are expected to say what you don't like about the wording of the agreement while you are in mediation to work out what you and the other party will agree to so both parties will be satisfied . Were you not to sign the agreement, it will be noted by the mediator who will so inform the judge and the judge will make the decision based on what is in the agreement you didn't sign and most likely you won't like the ruling and the ruling will be written in the final decree of divorce and you will be required to adhere to the ruling as written in the final decree of divorce. Only sign the agreement if you were permitted to mediate and voice your thoughts as to what you want written in the agreement and are satisfied with what is written or continue to mediate and reach an agreement you and the other party will both be satisfied. Then, and only then, sign the agreement and move on with living your life and let the past go and move ahead and become a better human being than you were when you were married to the person who is the other party in the divorce. You will become your own person and you have the choice to become a better person than you were when you were married to the other party. The choice to change is to be made by and for yourself as you can't change another person, you can only change yourself. You will be single and have the time to change. The question is, will you change and become a better person.

  • lala
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    4 months ago

    He cannot force you to sign nothing

    go to court and the judge will decide

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