How do I navigate games on my Xbox original's harddrive without turning the console off?

Ive got a classic Xbox that has a thousand games installed on its harddrive.

Not an Xbox one or 360, just a plain old xbox. weird right?

So you can see why looking up solutions for it online is such a pain cause all it shows is One or 360.

With the games on the emulators, I can easily exit off them & surf through games.

But when it comes to the Xbox games on the harddisk, it seems I have to turn OFF the machine in order to start over.

How do I surf through the Xbox games on it?

1 Answer

  • 12 months ago

    I don't know if this will help, but it seems people have had luck with it:

    It might also depend on which dashboard your Xbox has; you might also need to enable it within the dash's configuration menu. I haven't used an original Xbox in nearly a decade, so I don't really remember any of the menus/configurations you can do on a modded console.

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