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How do i apologize without giving her the wrong idea?

I am a 23 year old man who is 6'1 200 pounds (all muscle) blonde club promoter, and amature mma fighter. I was at a private party, where some mutual friends introduced me to this woman. She is a 35 year old lawyer who came here from India. Shes 6'5 overweight(almost 300 pounds with love handles and belly), and has a thick Indian accent. We ended up having a casual conversation for 30 minutes.

She then says "you are a very interesting and handsome man, do you want to go on a date". I then tell her "why would an obese woman from india think she would have a chance with a blonde muscular guy who is shorter than her" She then nags me in her thick accent "You are being very disrespectful and immature. People are entitled to their preferences, I just asked that is all. Why cant a woman, date a man shorter than her. Grow up and stop feeling superior because you are conventionally attractive."

I was asked to leave the party, and was told I could only speak to this crowd again after I apologize to her. I really did nothing wrong tbh, did she really think she had a chance. I dont want to lose this friend group so I have to apologize, but I dont want her to think she has a chance with me.

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    It is not always polite to say whatever comes into your head.

    From what you said, you had a nice conversation with her and only became rude when she asked you on a date. It is rarely acceptable, let alone polite, to give a list of the other person's flaws in order to say no to a date.

    When somebody asks you whether you are interested in a date, that is a compliment. You should not answer it with an insult, let alone several. You can decline an invitation without being mean.

    So, apologize for your rudeness, which was inexcusable.

    That is, assuming this actually happened. It hardly seems likely.

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    Spam no matter how many times to post it.

    TOS violation reported

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    Just a few days ago, you were the thirty-five year old lawyer. If you're going to write a story, at least make it believable.

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    In life you need filters. You just can’t say the first thing that comes to mind. There are always consequences to your words.

    Before you speak:

    It must be kind

    It must be true

    It must improve the situation

    Yes what you said might have been somewhat true - but it was not kind and it definitely did not improve the situation. After all some buff guys your age would have jumped at the chance to go out with her maybe because they like older women, for her money or because some fuys are in to big girls. You had no right to insult her. I’d have asked you to leave to. All you had to do was politely decline. Instead you made an enemy. And it is not good to have attorneys as enemies!

    Get over your self. Learn to be humble. Learn to treat everyone the way you want to be treated..

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    Continuing the saga, are you, by writing Chapter Two?

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