My mom inhaled raid spray and she’s not sick since.?

My mom works at a restaurant and her dumb *** boss came into the kitchen and sprayed so much raid spray that my mom inhaled some ant she’s been sick since, she told her boss why are you spraying so much and especially in the kitchen and he just stated “ oh I need to get rid of bugs “ now it’s been a month and she’s been having pain in her air way, headaches and dizziness. She’s so stubborn to get checked out and see what’s wrong. I can’t stand around and not do anything but at far as this goes can I take further action?

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago
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    This sounds like acute insecticide poisoning in which symptoms may include: eye tearing, coughing, heart problems, and breathing difficulties. She must be seen by a doctor before her symptoms can possibly worsen and have more serious problems. A diagnosis can usually based on some blood work, symptoms and description of the incident pertaining to the poisoning. However your best bet is to go to the doctor to the proper diagnosis of what it could be, please try to convince your mom to go.

  • keerok
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    12 months ago

    She's not sick. She's sick. Make up your mind. Don't you even check what you typed before clicking Submit?

    Sick for a month? Why Yahoo? Go to a doctor. Now!

  • 12 months ago

    She needs to get checked out.

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