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Do taller women have deeper vaginas?

My ex-girlfriend was pretty tall for a female, and it seemed that her vagina was very deep. She was about 6'2". She never complained about pain when we had sex and always wanted me to push my penis in as far as it would go. But my present girlfriend feels pain if I push my penis all the way inside her vagina. But she is only about 5'3" or 5'4". Are all women's vagina's proportional to their height? Is a taller woman deeper and wider than a shorter woman?

Update: To lightworker27: I'm not sure why my asking a question bothers you. Last I checked, this website was made for us to ask questions.

I'm asking the question because I'm both curious and my gf and I are trying to figure out why she has pain during sex.

It seems like taller women are more likely to have deeper vaginas, but that doesn't mean that every tall woman has a deep vagina.

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    You need serious education on female physiology if you think that vaginas are bigger in taller women. Seriously. Different women have different comfort levels, but not bigger or smaller vaginas. There can be issues like a tipped uterus or cervix being a bit lower at different times of the month, but all vaginas go in only about four inches.

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