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Ovulation and period?

Hi, I am 22, and I got period since i wae 12 and half. Its regular since. What happened to me that got me scared is my brown disharge.. it never happened to me, and Im ovulating.. i wear a daily pad, and it looked like a period, but it didnt smell. I would wipe myseldlf before washing myself it would be, brown mixed with white.. and after 3 days, its normal clear.. my vagina itched me and burnt me while i peed. But I mostly.walk barefoot. I have showed it to my mom, she said it might be nothing, it could be i cought a cold down there...

Well, im scared.

Thank you

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  • D_21
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    6 months ago

    Vaginas do not catch colds. They get vaginal inflammation and infections. If it is clear yo are probably fine. If you experience any itching, funky odor, burning, or discomfort when you pee then you need to go see a doctor.

    Get tested for possible urinary infections. If you are or have ever been sexually active then you need to talk to your doctor about sexually transmittable infections.

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