Record label sales question: If an artist made $2.1 billion dollars in profits from their album sales, how much does the artist get overall?

I know record labels are selfish, tricky, and greedy but if an artist like an R&B or Rap artist were to break the record in 2.1 billion in sales, how much should the artist get? I'm curious.

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  • 6 months ago
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    That depends entirely on the details of their contract.

    But seriously, 10% on record sales is not uncommon.

    But your numbers are way outside of the normal range for any real-life situation.

    Using some more realistic numbers:

    A very popular album has been certified "Platinum" - meaning it has sold 1 million copies.

    The album sells for $15.00.

    Total sales (not "profits") = $15 million.

    The artist has a contract that pays 10% of sales, so they get $1.5 million.

    Your $2.1 Billion in sales would mean something like being certified "Diamond" (10 million copies sold) and a price of $210.00 each. That's just slightly unrealistic, you know?

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  • Tony B
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    6 months ago

    That's impossible to answer. It would depend on the contract they had signed and what the artist had actually done. There's a huge difference between a singer who simply sings other people's songs “to order” to a backing track and an artist who composes, arranges, plays and sings all their own material. Also, what if “the artist” is a six piece band?

    In the example you give, presumably “the artist” would be someone who could more or less dictate their own terms to the record company. I think that probably anyone who was that successful would not sign a contract with a record company but would form their own label and maybe simply sign a distribution deal.

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  • blank
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    6 months ago

    Technically if you are with a label you usually sign a contract to determine how much the label gets and how much you get. This varies by contact. So there is no set number or even ball park number since each label is different and have different contacts.

    Some may get millions while some may only get thousands. Agian it depends on the contract and label.

    I am sorry this mat not be the answer you want but it really depends on the contract.

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