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I have a ghost that whispers in the corner every single night.?

So each evening I sleep with music on so I can fall asleep. I can still hear her or him whispering in the corner I'm not afraid it annoys me I've only seen it once for five seconds a white shadow floating and another black shadow. one night I woke up to the ghost saying I don't trust him while whistling and I felt like I was floating I was too tired to care and ignored it and went back to bed what do they want from me and it only happens at night.

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    How many recordings have you made? It should be easy as even I can tell you when you will hear this voice again. It's going to be tonight so set up a recorder before bed. That way, you can let us all hear it. I have a feeling that this is not going to happen though, is it?

    Well!......night has come and gone yet you have left no recording. Case closed, you were telling porky pies.

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      I don't think that concerns you. Have you noticed your manner " Where is this recording" Why do you act like people who report paranormal are only trying to get at you? That means you kid

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    a dark shadow can be a demon , demons want to get inside you and control you they want you to kill yourself usually, anorexia is caused by demons telling victims to starve themselves if you say The Lords Prayer they should dissapear

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  • Dr. NG
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    10 months ago

    I know ghosts enjoy watching folks sleep, opening cabinets and doors and stomping up and down stairs. There's a recent report of money stealing ghosts, but this is my first whistling ghost. Does the revenant whistle tunes, do bird calls or is it the fingers in the mouth super loud whistle. We're going to need that info before a scientific explanation can be found.

    Edit. Never mind, my mistake it's whispering ghost, not unusual at all.

    • Randy10 months agoReport

      He whistles quietly he isn't very good at it and he likes moving the buttons on my xbox controller he turned it on one night so i just leave it unplugged. each night he likes whispering my name and likes to lock my door when im about to do it i place my finger about to lock it and he does it for me

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