If we put a geocentric map on the Pyramids, would the chambers correspond to locations on Earth at different times as seen by the stars?


Explain, please. I'm just a plebeian trying to think. I've thought about this before. The geocentric model is accurate mathematically, and it's what the Egyptians used. If you change pi to 3.16, based off ten, it makes more sense. yes, i know they taught you in school such people thought the Earth was flat but the geocentric model works on Earth, kind of like the celestial sphere.

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    The geocentric model is something out of ancient Greece. For its day, way ahead of knowledge of the universe, but old,obsolete, and not exactly accurate by our standards today.

    Now the pyramids are a fascinating study, no, the chambers are systematic and seem to be laid out under the pretense of locations of concentrated energy located within the pyramid. Some interesting factoids are the way they are positioned, the bases nearly in perfect alignment with north based on our celestial coordinate system.

    From their dimensions, a function of 'PI' is near exact. Not bad if you consider pi was not calculated by mathematicians that long ago. A good read if you can find it is "the magic powers of the pyramids" an educational read.

    uncanny for structures going back 6000 years or more.

    You want something more attuned to the ancient geocentric model, maybe read up on Stonehenge.

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  • 6 months ago

    Maps have been made. They just show tunnels and chambers with a crude alignment with one or two stars. No big deal there. Knowing the seasons, as indicated by stars was important for agriculture and hence survival. Still is.

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