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Anonymous asked in HealthMental Health · 8 months ago

Is there something wrong with me?

I feel extremely strange, I feel like my family is getting distant with me. I'm feeling extremely confused with myself. I get furious, anxious and then extremely sad. I'm constantly thinking about death, I sometimes drive to school and just go from 55 speed limit to 80 or 95 hoping to crash and die. I argued with my mom and I locked myself in the bathroom and created some superficial wounds on my wrists. I don't see myself in the future, I feel like I don't belong here. My mom is pressuiring me to leave the house, I don't know what's wrong with me that I can't find a job. I'm scared of my life and get panic attacks that I can't think straight or talk. I get anxious just waiting on a line, or get terrified of getting late somethere. What's wrong with me?

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  • justin
    Lv 6
    8 months ago
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    I care. im sorry... God is testing you to care. to want the best for everyones soul love god and love good peopel when its hard. If I cna help send me a mesage my kik is gerberstuffbabies my email or usa my text now number is 717 516 0310 and my facebook is camaro elfyboy with a pink sword art online anime picture. Depresion is a disease and u must fight back. I've been thru this, know many friends who are working thru it with my help. u must see thru this illusion . If I didn't care I wouldnt bother replying . Therfore I do care . Therfore i want u to reply. For me accepting that god loves me and wants the best for me and pushing away/blocking negative thoughts and feelings helps alot. Create a rubber band like forcefield within the center of ur mind and use it to push slowly but forcefully all the negativity out of ur mind. Pull urself within this rubber band force field and use it to create some space inside that u can have hope and faith that god will make right all wrongs if u can. Another trick is to put things in perspective. To see the world and ur life as a short temporary schooling for ur soul where u whould try to learn what u cna when u are here cause afterwards is an eternity of perfect bliss and good things. if u cna do it right it often will make u feel ur negativity melt away. All pain and suffering will be reimbursed he told me and it will not be a 1 to 1 ratio but 100 to 1. some pain types differ like oppression which is even more so. So do not allow the sadness to win.

    • Care411
      Lv 6
      8 months agoReport

      Jesus does not care about you lol. If god cared he would have helped.

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  • 8 months ago

    BPD? Could be many things and that's borderline not bipolar. Are you male or female?

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  • 8 months ago

    Get professional help from a therapist

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