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Prowess asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 9 months ago

Anyone else feel Infinity War was better than Endgame?

Seemed to me like Infinity War had the better cinematography, character development and story. Endgame seemed like a boat load of fan service for me. Anyone else feel that way?

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  • 9 months ago
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    Pretty much the entire world, actually.

    Infinity War had to give nearly EVERYONE some decent screen time, a role to play in the story.....PLUS introduce the Whole character of Thanos.

    Considering how many players that actually involved, that was a good trick........and they pulled it off, beautifully.

    Endgame........was nearly the opposite.......many characters were hardly seen or had anything to so, too much time was spent on Thor, and his current nemtal issues.......(wtf was up with the Moobs? ) barely had some of the BEST characters, until the every end battle scene, which had SO MUCH going on at once.......

    yet, it was "spectacular" but so much of it was was kinda wasted, because you couldn't take it all in at once.

    I read they spent some ungodly amount of time and money on the Valkrie scene, and it's like barely 5 seconds on the screen.

    and then there was the Whole stupid plot..........Back to the Future, with Superheroes....... I kept waiting for Biff Tannen to show up.

    it was a HUGE let down, after Infinity war was so GOOD and left people drooling for more.........

    and then we got served crap for the second course.

    It was clearly more about setting up Disney's spin off shows for their Disney+ channel.......

    then a true well written sequel to Infinity War.

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  • 9 months ago

    Yes. I preferred Infinity War.

    I loved Endgame, but I had some issues with it, namely the pacing. The beginning of Endgame was rushed, and the middle felt tedious and over-complicated. The movie doesn't even have a villain until it's almost over. That being said, the ending was awesome, it was one of the best ending battles I've ever seen.

    But a good ending battle doesn't completely make up for the rest of the movie's bad pacing. Infinity War was paced way better, neither the beginning, middle, or end felt too rushed or too long.

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  • Kyle
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    i do. Endgame was a little bitter sweet. you kind of new what was going to happen, where Infinity War was still a little unknown.

    I got Endgame when it released and watched both back to back. I do like Infinity War better.

    I plan to watch all four Avenger movies next weekend in a row.

    I still enjoyed Endgame. but IW was better.

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