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Christians, do you ever challenge your faith?

like investigating its origins, the bible, adn the legacy of jesus? the bible contains a lot of the supernatural, many of which conflict with reality. i hope some of u dont have a lazy faith like simply reading the bible and agreeing with everything in it likejesus claming to be the way to God and died to recompense the broken relationship between the Creator and humanity, hoping it guarantees u paradise

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    of course, but what i've seen and experienced is beyond refutation. i can no more deny God than you can call blue yellow with serious and conscious intent.

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    1 John 4:1

    Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

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    I'd be very surprised if any of them spent even a small %age of their lives questioning or tryna prove they're wrong like I did...

    I was seven when I first heard about the bibel-god chappie - 1954.

    LONG before I knew much about anything let alone science being a concept...

    LONG before the internets were invented.

    LONG before I knew there were others like me...

    LONG before I'd read anything written by atheists...

    It was just so obvious - just like Pixie and Elf and Goblin...

    I never read anything telling me they were fantasy figures either ;)


    For the next 30+ years I tried every way I could to prove that 7-year old wrong.

    I wanted to believe - I WANTED a god to exist - I wanted to be like other people.

    Cos so many people couldn't be wrong, could they?

    Of course I failed to prove the god thingie exists because god is imaginary...

    I'll guarantee the number of christers who have challenged their beliefs is infinitesimal 😎


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    Human reasoning fails compared to one having faith, no amount of acumen from the mind of man can compare to passages like Romans 11:33-36. To one having faith no further explanation is necessary; to one lacking faith no further explanation is possible. It starts with a "love of the truth." 2 Thess. 1:10

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    Nothing in the Bible conflicts with reality when subjected to accurate and authoritative interpretation. Which is why Jesus Christ founded just ONE Church, said it was to remain ONE, and promised that ONE Church "The Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth", and "Whatsoever you bind upon Earth is bound in Heaven", and "He who hears you hears Me". Which is why that ONE Church remains ONE in belief, ONE in teaching, ONE in worship, ONE in biblical understanding throughout the world after 2,000 years, while unauthorized manmade churches that have defected from His Church have fragmented into total doctrinal chaos, thousands of conflicting denominations that can't agree with one another on the meaning of a single Bible verse, in just a few hundred years.

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    Every day is a challenge. If you are one with the spirit when considering the truth within the bible, it always holds up.

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    Yes, of course. Conclusion: God is real and the Bible is his word.

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