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What are these symptoms?

I have slight, sharp pains in my left arm. Nothing like unbearable, but its concerning. I also have the same sharp pains in my chest every once and awhile. These came about 3 days ago, so I went to urgent care and they sent me back home with nothing. I went back yesterday and they told me its anxiety and gave me meds. I took these meds, and I still have the arm pain and occasional chest pain. I've also been dizzy and all over the place. But these arms pains are stressing me out. I think doctors are ruling out certain things because I am only 19. What do you think this could be?

My ekgs came back normal apparently, and xrays, bloodtests normal. My ekg was off a little bit, but my nurses were moving my bed around while doing it, so that one isnt very reliable.

Does an ekg tell if you are soon going to have a heart attack? Or do they only determine that during/after the fact? Should I be worried about heart attack?

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    I had a similar experience. It went on for 8 years... sorry.

    The pain was so bad sometimes I'd cry while driving.

    It ended up being a pinched nerve near my scapula.

    One visit it a neuromuscularr therapist fixed it.

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