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Does graduating early look bad to colleges?

Okay I'm in 10th grade this year, and I have a cumulative gpa of 96.375. The thing is I have only taken regular classes. I have already comepleted my pathway in Agriculture and I am currently finishing two classes of foreign language. To be honest I just don't like highschool. I don't enjoy being there and I'm just ready to leave. I talked to my counselor about graduating early and she told me it was completely possible. Now I'm looking at classes to take next year, because if I want to graduate I have to take all acedemic classes. I still want to get into a decent college and be successful so should I take the harder classes next year such as honors? Also does graduating early look bad to colleges? I need a lot of advice thanks :)

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    Yes you should take honor level classes. University level classes are much harder than high school classes. You need to be able to handle honor level. Take an AP class if you can. And I would start out at a community college instead of going direct to a university

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