Why do a lot of muslins make sure everything they eat is halal, not eat port etc, but then drink and smoke and break the law?

Sorry if my question sounds rude I don’t mean to offend anyone but it confuses me. The words ‘a lot’ might be a stretch, but I know/ have met a lot of Muslims in my life and pretty much every one of them either drinks or smoke or has commuted crimes. (Also not trying to say they’re bad people because the majority of people I’ve met who are my age have done this things. Just curious as to why they’re so particular about eating halal food when they do/have done much worse)

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  • 6 months ago
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    As a Christian, I get this question a lot with regards to Christians (instead of Muslims). I think the answer is fairly simple... God gave us free will. So people will always be able to choose what they want to do.

    I know a lot of committed Christians who still make bad choices. That’s true of every religion because every person has free will. No matter how much you try to follow your religious beliefs, you will always sin sometimes. A lot of people try and judge those sins as worse (for example some might think pre-marital sex as worse than lying), but I believe that it’s God’s job to judge. Since we are all sinners, we shouldn’t condemn others for their bad choices. Because we make bad choices too sometimes. It’s just best to try and love everyone and own up to it when you do something wrong.

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  • Zirp
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    6 months ago

    Break what law?

    Here in "the west", tobacco and alcohol are legal. It probably is one reason why muslims stay here..

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  • Pearl
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    6 months ago

    cause its part of their culture

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  • Bill
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    6 months ago

    you suffer the same delusion of most ignorant people

    that Islam is the one religion

    well like christanity which covers just about every other religion and has cathloics, anglicans , methodists, baptists, morons , JW' and so many other related cults

    Islam has the same differing levels in the over all cover of Islam

    Many practicing muslims are prohibited form entering Mecca

    so it is not strange at all that many don't follow your perception of the religion

    as for halal and kosher and the rest

    there are many religions that thank the animal that is giving up it's life for the people and it is a mark of respect

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