Nursing IV Calculation Question?

Your client's IV is 1000 mL to run in 12 hours. The physician changes the order at 10 AM to an 8 h bag. There are 625 ml remaining in the bag when you make the change in rate at 11AM.

(a) What is your new hourly rate?

(b) What is the drip rate if the drop factor is 10gtt/ml?

(c) At what time would this bag be finished?

I have the answers but don't understand how the problem was solved.




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    625 mL remaining means that you have given 375 mL

    1000 mL in 12 hours = 83.3 mL/hr. 375 mL would therefore take 4.5 hrs as of 11 am which means the original starting time would be 6:30 am.

    < The physician changes the order at 10 AM to an 8 h bag >

    10:00 am (when the order is made) + 8 hours = 6:00 pm which is not the 4:00 pm time. Sorry, I can't get that number for you. I tried a few ways and nothing gives me 4 pm.

    At 11:00 am, you need to change the rate. By 4:00 pm, that is 5 more hours. You have 625 mL remaining so the new rate is 625 mL / 5 hour = 125 mL/hr (same as the answer you are given). 125 mL/hr * 1 hr/60 min * 10 gtt/mL = 20.8 gtt/min or 21 gtt/min rounded up.

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