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Why do I constantly have to adjust the volume in my tv ?

During action scenes such as shooting, bombs exploding, car crashing I have to turn the volume down. Speaking scenes I have to turn the volume up. I can play DVD, Blu Ray, stream all the same. Is very annoying I just want to set the volume level once and be done with it, not have to keep adjusting it.

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  • 11 months ago

    5.1 surround units,are volume set so quiet speech is closer and still audible on surround speakers,if you stereo is 2 ch,the speech is more distant and less understandable,either a soundbar,or an older tone equalizer will boost the dialogue DB level,while keeping the loud stuff not so earth shaking..

    as someone else said,,there may be an automatic level control on the unit panel that will do all this.,,you might need better midrange speakers too,,

    the hand remote click on menu,look for a window of audio preferences, tweaking one of them might improve dialogue audibility.

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Check your audio settings. Some TV's have the option to make certain noises louder than others.

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  • 11 months ago

    If your TV has a Menu - go to it and explore Settings, Audio and the like . . . all our newer TVs have an "AVC - Automatic Volume Control" - turned-on and it evens-out the loud/soft portions you speak of.

    Each source is at a different level . . . channel programming is an assortment of live/recorded, local/network, old/new . . . and of course, despite what they claim, commercials are recorded and blasted at higher volume.

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