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I want to get an Amazon gift card for my grand-daughter who lives in Denmark. Do I get one from amazon uk and have it sent to her?

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    i dont see why you couldnt do it that way

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    12 months ago Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers (including products branded as Gift Certificates) ("Gift Cards") may only be redeemed toward the purchase of eligible products on


    Although Amazon UK will probably ship to Denmark, there are international shipping charges.

    There are strong indications that Amazon will launch in Scandinavia later this year.

    Amazon has a site in Germany, which shares a border with Denmark.

    They have reasonable delivery

    Standard Delivery (2-5 working days) music, DVD, software, video games (excl. consoles)

    €6.99 per delivery free delivery for orders of €39.00 and above

    Standard Delivery (2-5 working days) all other items* €8.49 per delivery. free delivery for orders €39.00 and above

    Express Delivery (2-4 working days) all items eligible for "Express Delivery" €9.49 per delivery

    1-Day-Delivery (1 working day)** all items eligible for "1-Day-Delivery" €13.49 per delivery

    As the currency is euro, it is friendlier to them than uk pounds sterling

    Now, instead, the question is the best way to buy a gift card for Amazon Germany.

    I think I am very close now to the best path.

    You buy an Amazon Germany Gift card and it is either emailed as an e-gift card or mailed.

    You may want to confirm as a question directly to Amazon just to be 100% certain.

    I highly suggest it is over 39 € in value to allow free shipping on most items.

    Amazon Germany has language accommodation.

    I hope this is helpful.

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    There are various options. If you buy one from the UK site, it will be in sterling. Amazon don't have a Danish site, but she can buy on the German site and have the goods mailed to her. If you buy the gift card on the German site, it will be in Euros - how's your German? You can get Amazon to post to her, or you can email the gift card to her.

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